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In the modern world, staying at conference hotels while on business is something that most businessmen and women take in their stride. After all, it's a chance to stay in a hotel, often in a foreign country, at the expense of the company which employs you. And it's also true that the conference hotel can make or break the conference, and leave a lasting impression on those who attend it.

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Choosing the perfect conference hotels

When choosing a conference hotel, there are a number of issues to bear in mind. The most important of these is location: will the conference be hosted in the hotel itself, or at a nearby venue such as a convention centre? Some of the best conference hotels in the world are let down by simply being too far from the convention centres. If you're organising a conference, another question is whether the conference hotel will offer you a corporate rate for a large number of room bookings. Additionally, it's worth finding out if the conference hotels are prepared to arrange transport from the hotel to the conference venue.

Conference hotels and your big business!

These days, corporate hospitality is big business. Conference hotels do very well financially out of hosting conventions and corporate events - so the conference hotel should do everything in their power to help you out at every opportunity. If the conference hotel you have in mind is not pulling out all the stops for you, then consider taking your business elsewhere. There's usually a good choice of conference hotels around popular convention venues in major cities. If you find a good conference hotel which always goes the extra mile to help, then you'll probably go back. Conference hotels know that, and the good ones should impress you from day one. Some conference hotels may also try to incentivise you choosing them as your conference hotel, by offering a group discount on the room bookings or discounted transport or catering.